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Locomotive Manual

Diesel Electric Locomotive Manual 45 Ton Whitcomb
Instruction Book (1.1 Meg)
Parts List (650K)
Renewal Parts Data (650K)
Electrical Equipment Description, Operation, Maintenance (5.6 Meg)
Electrical Wiring Diagram (414K)
No 14-EL Brake Equipment for Diesel -Electric Switching Locomotives (6.6 Meg)

Locomotive and railroad related catalogs

Leece Nevelle (1.6 Meg)
Grahm-White Sanders (198K)
Reservoirs and Reservoir Unions (312K)
Locomotive Brake Cylinders For Driver, Truck and Tender Brakes (1.2 Meg)
Hose, Couplings, Fittings (411K)
Cocks (737K)
Safety Valves (319K )
Pneuphonic Horns and Accessories (457K)
GE Renewal parts list
Cummins Parts Manual H Series (3.4 Meg)
Batteries in Locomotives (244K)
Cummins PT Fuel System (3.3Meg)
AAR Standard Journal Bearing Specifications (1.1 Meg)


Sturtevant Engine Instruction Book(25 Meg)
Sturtevant Vertical Engines (4.1 Meg)
Sturtevant Engine Generator Set (3.7 Meg)
US Army Railway Rolling Stock (9.7 Meg)

Triple Valve Test Rack

Triple Valve Test Rack (6.2 Meg)
Code Of Test (840K)
Westinghouse Triple Valves (7.6 Meg)
New York Triple Valves (6.5 Meg)
JLG 60HA Service and Maintenance Manual(10 Meg)
JLG 60HA Operators and Safety Manual(3 Meg)

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